Balloons - 3 Foot & Cloud Busters

If you like it big - look no further!

3 foot balloons, plain, printed, or custom printed with your logo or message.

Great for parties, theming, events and Corporate branding. Fabulous for weddings and the like! 

Sale, Masqurade, Casino, Birthday, World map - your name.  If we don't have it, we will get it!

(This image is of a wedding at Matilda Bay Restaurant Crawley.  We supplied clear 3 foot balloons, stuffed with 11" inch latex gold, silver and pearl white balloons (inflated to 70%).  It has 8 x 5" balloons as neck ties, with lovely think ivory ribbon.  This was suspended into fish bowls on each table with white beach sand.  It looks fabulous, where less is best.  Meaning a single balloon can sometimes offer a better theme than a bunch or bouquet!


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