A Balloon Drop is a large net or nets filled with air filled latex balloons (of any size) and is generally fixed to a roof or the like, where at a dedicated time, or savoured moment, the cord/s are pulled and the net will drop balloons over the selected area.  As the balloons are air inflated they are easily confined to a desgnated area.

Fantastic promotional  exposure as you may decide to custom print your balloons (email us with your requirements) and hand out to the guests, or you may decide to hide vouchers, notes and/or tickets in selected balloons, where the guests are required to pop the balloon to find the winning entry.  A fantastic game of luck!

Balloon drops are a fantastic point of difference for children's parties and very popular within the sporting world!

Prices do differ for variants such as custom print balloons, size of balloons, quantities, set up type (ie Cherry Picker or Scissor Lift requirement) etc.  Prices as quoted below are for supply of standard coloured balloons and hire of net for pick up only.  Our delivery charges for multiple balloons will differ from that on our Courier Checker price list due to the sheer quantity.

    • 100 Balloon Drop      $  175.00
    • 250 Balloon Drop      $  340.00
    • 500 Balloon Drop      $  655.00
    • 1000 Balloon Drop    $1350.00

Unfortunately, due to logistics we can not perform balloon drops at every venue.  Please contact us for a Balloons plus Basket team member to visit your site to evaluate your requirements.