Balloon releases are beautiful ways to celebrate an event, raise awareness, campaign, remember a loved one, or just have some fun! 

We find most most clients ask the same type of questions, so I have included some information below to hopefully cover questions and or concerns and ease the process.

Biodegradability of latex balloons

Latex is a 100 per cent natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water. The degradation process begins almost immediately. Oxidation, the "frosting" that makes latex balloons look as if they are losing their colour, is one of the first signs of the process. Exposure to sunlight quickens the process, but natural microorganisms attack natural rubber, even in the dark.

Research shows that under similar environmental conditions, latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree. The actual total degradation time will vary depending the precise conditions. 



What happens to balloons that fly?

Often latex balloons are released either on purpose or accidentally. Research shows that most of these latex balloons - the ones that are well tied and have no structural flaws - rise to an altitude of about five miles where they freeze, breaking into spaghetti-like pieces that scatter as they return to earth. While we do know that animals occasionally eat these soft slivers of rubber, the evidence indicates the pieces ultimately pass through the digestive system without harming the animal.

Releases at Funerals

There are many ways to incorporate releases during a funeral service, celebration of life or wake. Some of the more common releases are as follows:

  • Bunches of balloons with colours of signifigance. 
    • Heritage (colours of their flag: Italian, Australian, French)
    • Favourite Football Team
    • Printed balloons of butterflies, roses etc.
    • Numbers, ie Age of the deceased, milestones and or number of family members
    • Custom print balloons (we require a 72 hour turn around for this)

These are usually placed in the chapel or graveside by your Funeral Director, and at time of Release they are cut and handed out as per the families' wishes.

Alternatively, instead of bunches, we place the balloons in the Dome or ceiling of the Chapel and as the mourners leave the area they take a balloon to release into the garden as instructed by the Funeral Director.  

In most cases, coloured ribbons are attached to the balloons, however, we do offer, release clips, in so that just the balloon is released, or Raffia, as this is the most biodegradable material.  Again this is personal preference.

A lovely touch that was used more recently by Mr John Tidman of Tidman Funerals, was the inclusion of Everlasting seeds in the balloons.  The idea of this was that when the balloons burst and the seeds dropped to the ground, that they would germinate and produce new life.  This was a lovely release.

 Please also note, that when funeral balloons are delivered by Balloons plus Basket, they are delivered by our store personel, not couriers to ensure delivery in a timely manner.  Furthermore, you will never see a 'party' delivery van when funeral balloons are delivered by Balloons plus Basket.

The options are endless and we invite you to speak with your Funeral Director for further ideas and pricing.  Balloons plus Basket recommends Tidman Funerals of Western Australia, Bowra & O'Dea Funeral Directors & Mareena Purslowe Funeral Directors for your funeral planning.

Pet Memorials

Some feel that their beloved pet is one of the family and as such grieve as they have lost a family member. What about spreading your deceased pets ashes in their favourite park or beach?  The ashes are placed in a 3 foot latex balloon (or any size for that matter) and after a long, tearful adieu, the pet owner reluctantly releases the balloon, where the balloon will climb up to 3,000feet, at which time the balloon freezes and bursts, spreading crystallized ashes over the tear laden land below! Pets, letters the choices are endless!

Please be mindful... any balloon larger than 30cm requires approval!

Wedding Releases

Not unlike the Doves, another fantastic release is that out the front of a church proceeding a wedding.  Their are several options for this.  

If the Bride & Groom wish to be involved and include the release in the photo shoot, then we have a giant box stuffed with 100+ 11 inch balloons (quantitiy is set by the couple) beautifully decorated in the wedding party colours.  Strategically placed outside the Church, either the Bride and Groom or members of the wedding party pull the ribbons and shazam! out pour beautiful balloons.  A fantastic photo moment too!  The box is then removed by our crew, and the balloons are afloat as per the happy couple.

Another fantastic release is 'love is in the air'.  We have a variety of sizes int he latex heart balloons.  these can behanded to guests as they leave the Church or congregate for a garden wedding.  Awesome photo shoot!

Promotional Releases

Custom printed balloons and Corporate releases are a wonderful way of getting attention and a message accross, particularly to a large group or area.  As a general rule large releases are conducted through our release nets, therefore there are no strings attached!  All balloon releases supplied by Balloons plus Basket are ribbon free...  At times clients will ask for a joint net and hand release.  In this case we use biodegradable string (or Raffia) in replacement of ribbon, or at the client's request, ribbon and clips.  Clips are removable and means the balloon is released by itself ensuring the least harm to our environment.  However, be aware, it is very difficult to educate and remind large groups that they can not release intact.  Small children find it very difficult to release these clips!

This image is the Pruple Haze Fremantle Dockers game against Geelong at Patterson's Stadium Round 1 of 2012, where we released 10,00 balloons net and hand jointly!  This was a truly amazing event!



The fine print..

Foil balloons and foiled ribbons are not to be released into the environment.  These form electrically conductive material.

As a general rule, but certainly not limited to, any balloon release in excess of 100 small (being 30cm or 11 inch) balloons requires approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, also known as CASA.  (CASA regulates flight paths and the like of all aircraft throughout Western Australia).  in addition to this rule, there are designated areas in Western Australia where approval is required regardless of the quantity of balloons being released.  For example, Guildford and Fremantle Cemeteries and particularly any locations in the close vicinity to air traffic (airports and the like). Balloons plus Basket will not make application for any 3rd party balloon releases.  Please contact Mr Charlie Marriati at CASA on 9366 2803 who will assist with your inquiry and or application.

Balloon releases are wonderful!  Contact us for any further information and/or pricing for your next event!