Number Shape Bouquet - Female

 These incredible foil balloons are a fantastic addition to any birthday celebration!

Due to the large size of Number Shape foils, for 'double-digit' birthdays, please keep in mind that you will require two individual bouquets. For example, if you want a bouquet for a 21st birthday, we will create two separate bunches, one with a '2' and one with a '1'.

Price listed includes BOTH Number Shape Bouquets!

Choose from a Magenta, Black or Silver Number Shape from the drop down menu above.

Please Note
We have only listed milestone birthdays. If you require bouquets for a birthday we have not listed, please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to help.

- two Number Shape foil balloon
- twelve 11" ULTRA HI FLOAT-ed helium balloons (Pearl Magenta/Pearl Onyx Black)
- two regular balloon weight

Number Shape Bouquet - Female


Number Shape Bouquet - Female